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We are currently at one of the most crucial points in the history of our planet. Our planet has made a paradigm shift and the question remains whether we are ready to do the same. Einstein said, "we cannot solve today's problems with yesterday's thinking," yet in the areas of child-raising and education we are still proceeding with yesterday's pattern of thought. If we are honest with ourselves and take a good look around we can see that it clearly doesn't work. The major dilemma is that we have been unwilling to leave the comfort zone of what we know to take a leap into the unknown. However, it is imperative that we burn these old maps in order to create a new vision that will be in alignment with who our new children are, thereby helping to transform our world. Our future depends on them, "the peace makers" as they are called, and if they do not have the support of their parents and the system as they carry out their mission, we can just call it mission impossible!

Conscious Parenting for a New Paradigm, which is a blending of the Redirecting Children's Behavior Course and Barbra's work, seeks to lead and accelerate enlightened and empowering change in the world by recreating the worldview beliefs about parenting. These changes will expand humankind's capacity for conscious, creative, collaborative, competent and compassionate parenting in a world characterized by separation, insensitivity and conflict. Offering parents, teachers, and other adults who care about the welfare of our children, a way of developing the insight and behaviors necessary to empower these children to develop their abilities to the utmost.

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A Call to Parents, Teachers and Friends of Children
By Barbra Gilman

What if every child who came into the world was born with a personalized manual attached to her little toe? What if all new parents could take a series of vaccinations which inoculated them against repeating their parents’ mistakes? What if all the people who cared for children, whether parents, grandparents, teachers or friends, were issued a special device which enabled them to be clairvoyant, insuring they would never again misinterpret or mistreat a child for any reason? What if every child who was born grew up healthy, happy, peaceful and free? What kind of world would this be?

Well, there are no personalized toe tag manuals, clairvoyance devices or vaccinations to help us parent. There are no guarantees that any of us are even emotionally ready to become parents when we do. For the most part, we simply step into parenthood, hoping for the best. And to our credit, let me say that in my opinion, most of us strive to do our very best at all times and often against tremendous odds. It’s just that too often, our best is simply not enough to prevent the unhealthy patterns we have inherited from being passed on to our children.

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So what can we do about it?

As parents, it may well be our duty to pay attention, not just to our children but also, and perhaps primarily, to ourselves, to our own needs, to our own hurts. In fact, it is most likely every person who reads this article has at least one painful memory of a time when her parents completely misunderstood her or did exactly the opposite of what she needed to grow into a balanced person with solidly healthy self-esteem. Some of us have many more than one memory. And for others, the painful memories far outweigh the sweet ones.

Yet, when most of us become parents, we assume that we will just know what to do or that doing what our parents have done will be enough for our children. But we do not ‘just know’ how to parent and repeating what our parents have done raising us is as likely to pass on damage to our children as it is to nurture their development into healthy whole and balanced persons.

Even those of us who were raised in loving and supportive environments may be at a loss as we face the demands of living in the post-modern world. Many families can no longer survive on a single income. With both parents working, family dinners and many of the other simple, stabilizing and connective rituals of family life are lost. To compensate for the absence of togetherness, parents often opt for over-enrolling their children in extra-curricular activities. The result is the Post-Modern Family: a group of people living under the same roof but going off in so many different directions that they barely have the opportunity to develop real intimacy. Post-Modern Families become disconnected instead of interconnected. Sometimes, family members don’t seem to know each other at all.

As we enter the new millennium, the forces which govern human evolution have thrown a new element into the mix, a new gift for the future of humanity and a new challenge for us all to embrace: the Indigo Children.

Who are the Indigo kids?

These new souls are coming on board in order to facilitate our transition to the next stage in the evolution of human consciousness. They are highly sensitive multidimensional beings, often with many talents and refined intuitive powers. More than ever in the span of recorded history our children are different from us. They are, as one woman said, gazing at an indigo infant, "born knowing."

What is it that the Indigo Children know which most of us do not? Indigo Children instinctively know who they are, what they need and what they feel is true. They know how human beings are supposed to treat each other. They expect people to be honoring and respectful. They do not under any circumstances respond well to lies or manipulation. Indigo children expect explanations and often will not settle for "Because I said so." And they do best when addressed in all ways as if they were adults.

When mistreated or misunderstood, Indigo Children tend to end up on Ridlin. and other similar drugs designed for behavior modification. This kind of band-aide response to the needs and demands of our young people may make the school day and the afternoon at home more manageable, but how does it help our kids? It doesn’t. What it does is help adults maintain the status-quo.

But what is the status quo that adults are seeking to maintain? Is our world so perfectly balanced, so filled with peace and love that we can afford not to question our choices? Can we honestly afford to ignore the possibility that if our children are having difficulties we might be the ones who need to change? I don’ think so. In fact, I believe the future of our world depends on parents, teachers, and other adults who care about the welfare of children, developing the insight and behaviors necessary to empower these kids to develop their abilities to the utmost. And we need to be able to do this in full awareness that in many instances we have no idea what many of these abilities are because the Indigo children are often gifted in such novel ways.

What can we do? Educate ourselves. Read about the Indigo children. Explore our own childhood experiences both positive and negative. Grow as people. And most of all: we can be honest with ourselves and our kids. The new children know what they need, and if we stay open and learn to listen without defensiveness, they will tell us. Taking a child's point of view seriously may be new to many of us, but it may be precisely an Indigo point of view which our world needs most.

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