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“Barbra is a combination of a therapist, coach, teacher, Jewish mother, best friend, angel and comedian!”   

- Sandra Williams


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Author of Whatever The F*CK It Takes! and The Unofficial Guide for Living Successfully on Planet Earth, I have over thirty years experience as a therapist and coach. I'm the founder of The Quick Change Artist and Wild Women Choosing. I'm also a contributing author to An Indigo Celebration and The Indigo Children Ten Years Later.

As a certified Access Consciousness Facilitator, I offer energy tools and techniques along with my intuitive knowing, enabling you to create new possibilities as you clear the energy of your limitations. The quickest way to activate a transformation in life is not to change what you DO, but to shift the energy of HOW you function in life. 
I developed “Conscious Parenting for a New Paradigm” and served as the Director of Family Education for Neale Donald Walsch’s Heartlight Education and the Center for Spiritual Awareness. I've also hosted my own radio show, “Conscious Choices” and, as an inspirational/motivational speaker, I've keynoted conferences for women’s organizations. I've also facilitated countless trainings on successful personal and business development through consciousness.
Imagine that your life is your greatest creation, and you author every scene, moment by moment. Consciousness is choosing to know and act from this space. We are all miraculous creators, and being conscious of how we create and what we create is an art. I assist people master that art. As The Quick Change Artist I empower people to step beyond the boundaries of their comfort zones – to claim their gifts and talents, and then show up in the world as an inspiration and invitation to what is possible when you choose for you and not against you!

There is nothing like Access Consciousness anywhere. It is the weirdest, fastest and most playful way you'll ever find to enable you to embrace a place of infinite possibilities that resides within you. This is not a conventional approach; it is a dynamic, scientific-driven modality that is being used by the most advanced thinkers of our time. Now it is available to you…if you choose!

Be the conscious artist in your own life.  Learn the art of creating yourself moment by moment; then see how the world miraculously changes around you.
The world changes when people change.  And it all starts with you... Being YOU and changing the world!

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