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Let’s create a conscious conversation about business:
A business is the sum total of the people who walk through the door every day. Standard business procedure is expecting those people to leave their “life” at the door and “do their job.” Well, guess what? When you are working with humans, it doesn’t work that way! Life’s challenges happen, and at this time on the planet havoc is running wild, and your employee’s lives are being affected, and not in a productive way!

What if business could actually be fun and done with ease?
How different would your life and business be if you knew that playing at business rather than working at business would actually create MORE for you and you employees….including more MONEY? 

Money Follows the Energy of Joy!

​Most businesses are simply “business as usual,” seeking results. But did you know that seeking results re-creates the past?  And creating based on the past keeps your business in survival mode.  Amazing outcomes and outstanding success can be generated only from adopting a different mindset and actions. 


Imagine what your business would be like if you stopped functioning based on the past and began to generate reality from a space you never knew existed! What if you undefined business as you know it in order to create something beyond what you thought was possible?

Conscious Business means going beyond this reality and creating something new and different that has not yet been created!  And for that to occur you require unrivaled, cutting edge, state of the art tools!  And what if you could introduce your people to those cutting edge, state of the art tools? What if they could know how to create beyond the problems they think they have. (This is not semantics; this is the understanding that is Conscious Business.) And what if this something new, would not only be a contribution to you, your business and your employees, but to the world?

If anything could be possible in your business would you choose it?


Out of The Box Business Trainings

Are you wondering if you’ll ever really make it to where you believe your business can go? I bet you’re thinking,


“YES. How did you know?”

Because my passion is working with conscious entrepreneurs and their staff. I get them unstuck and unburdened, so they can experience ease, joy and increased revenue in their businesses and their lives. 

How about a little fire to kick start your business? 

Are you ready to clear a path to an abundantly generative business?​

  • Get you or your employees out of overwhelm

  • Clear blocks that are holding back results

  • Receive more clients with ease

  • Have more fun

  • Generate more money

  • “Know” what to do every day

  • Get into MASSIVE ACTION to move your business forward


I have put together special sessions and packages to suit your needs, and assist you in getting where you’d like to be in your business.  Out of The Box Business Trainings are for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who wish to make an impact in their communities and the world. These trainings pave the way for sustainable success that will empower you to make the big difference you’re up to making.

Many purpose-driven entrepreneurs are held back by information overwhelm, too much on the to-do list, and a lack of high-level visioning support for them and their team. These programs will help set up systems that ensure your employee’s spirits remain inspired and energized, and all the pieces of your business get handled and stay handled, so you can be your most powerful and playful self.  I’m passionate about working with conscious entrepreneurs to get them unstuck and unburdened, so they can experience ease, joy and increased revenue in their businesses and their lives.

If the change you were looking for was possible?  Would you choose it? 

Through my trainings and coaching sessions, your employee’s will learn to release energy to create dramatic change. Specifically, I’ll help them shift their energy so that they can drop the limitations that are holding them back and embrace the possibilities that will enrich them and your business.  Our coaching work will be a partnership in which we create new pathways for your team. I assure you, if you’re open to new perspectives and limitless potential, this work is the fastest way to create the business you desire.

Your employees will be able to shed the old limited decisions and conclusions they hold of what is possible, and through our work together, they will recognize the points of view that no longer serve them. They will release old patterns and be able to finally acknowledge unstoppable strength and creativity with ease. They will learn the language of consciousness and master some powerful pragmatic energy tools to create the changes they’re seeking.
Through sessions that are more play than work, we’ll create a new story that works for them and you.

Sessions can be done by phone and will be recorded. Your employees can listen to this transformational work again and again, each time releasing more of the limitation (energy) that is holding them back and opening new pathways of possibility!

Sound Inspiring?  I'd Love to Assist you in Getting There!

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