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“Barbra, in her subtle, witty and mothering way, has taken me by the hand and opened my eyes to the barrier that I created and that kept ME from being the ME I truly CAN BE." 

- Dr. Dawn S, New York City


Through our coaching sessions, you'll learn to release energy to create dramatic change. Specifically, I'll help you shift your energetic frequencies so that you can drop the limitations that are holding you back and embrace the possibilities that are just waiting for you.

Our coaching work will be a partnership in which we create new pathways to a new powerful you. I assure you, if you’re open to new perspectives on life and on your limitless potential, this work is the fastest way to achieve the life you desire.

You'll be able to shed that old you.
Through our work together, you'll recognize the points of view that no longer serve you. You'll interrupt old patterns and be able to finally celebrate the real you. You'll learn the language of consciousness and master some powerful energy tools to create the changes you’re seeking.

We'll unravel your story and start a new one.

Through sessions that are more play than work, we'll work with the magical tools of Access Consciousness to create a new story that works for you - and not against you. Our sessions will be recorded, so that you can listen to this time of transformation again and again, each time releasing more of the energy that is holding you back and opening new energetic pathways to places of possibility.

Break Through to a New You!

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Building a new world through conscious relationships.


Our sessions can also focus on building conscious relationships. This work offers an incredible path to self-discovery and creates a place of grace and safety for both you and your partner.Falling in love is the most incredible experience in the world - and the quickest path to joy. However, just like scaling a mountain, when you get to the pinnacle there’s only one place to go… down! And that's when the work of the relationship actually begins.Yes, love is the greatest thing that we can experience. However, shadowing that love is an unconscious agenda that can sometimes make you feel like a wounded five-year-old child. To create a new relationship with another, we need to create a new relationship with ourselves. 


Master the art of conscious uncoupling.

I am best friends with all but one of my past partners, what else is there to say! I will show you how to create a whole new possibility for the completion and new beginning of your relationship. How can it get any better than that?


Is now the time?

If you're ready to learn the tools and strategies to make positive and ongoing changes in your life; if you're ready to choose for YOU and change your relationships so you never give YOU up; if you're ready to resolve power struggles, and embrace a life of conscious living, I'd love to talk! 


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