Immobilized by the Fear of Being Wrong?Two Tools to Set You Free!

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

By Barbra Gilman

One day I was walking down the street while visiting a lovely town upstate, and noticed a woman walking toward me wearing pajamas and fuzzy slippers. In the middle of the day!

WTF? She’s wearing slippers and pjs in the street? As soon as that thought came into my head, my hand flew to my mouth. OMG, I’m judging!

I had recently begun a practice of watching out for judgment and noticing where I was making myself and others wrong. And I was making this woman very wrong. I remembered the tool I had just learned, called “Interesting Point of View” or IPOV.

Isn’t this an interesting point of view, that I’m judging her for wearing this in the street? I shifted that "judgey" energy right away. Actually, she looks very comfortable—maybe I’ll try wearing my PJs outside!

That very same week, I visited someone’s home. I walked into the living room, now in my “fabulous designer” role, and thought, “What an ugly room!” OMG! I’m doing it again!

I used my IPOV tool: Hmm, such an interesting point of view that I think everyone’s house should be photo-ready for Architectural Digest!

When you function from this IPOV space, which, by the way, is called allowance, you’re no longer living in the energy of judgment. You’re living in the energy of consciousness.

Consciousness is simply receiving everything with no point of view.