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No More Crazy Making Days

So over the holiday I had some Crazy Making Days. The kind of days that make you want to pull your hair out and scream! Days filled with mix ups, meltdowns and misplaced items!

I’ll spare you all of the gory details and just share one so that you can get the sense of the kind of energy that I had going on.

It all started wonderfully with the prospect of spending the day with a good friend here in NYC. We decided to go to the Cloisters Museum, a beautiful museum and grounds. When we arrived, however... it was closed. Trying to turn a disappointment into a pleasant afternoon we headed out to look for a cozy coffee shop for a Chai Tea. We started to walk and quickly figured out the area may not be the best area for two ladies to take a stroll. Let’s put it this way, not a place to visit unless you live there. So instead of a lovely visit to the museum we simply had a 30 block Uber ride, two ways culminating in a visit to the Starbucks back in my neighborhood…

I hoped the day would get brighter as I headed home to pack for a relaxing trip upstate for a week to chill out from “city energy” which I do every few weeks, to maintain my sanity! I started filling my suitcase with the usual items without putting in much thought since I make this trip quite often and have my country clothes there.

As I made my final check of the contents in my handbag, I noticed, my makeup bag, my hair brush, my notebook for brilliant ideas, my glasses and my book “Whatever the F*CK It Takes" (in case I run into someone in desperate need of it on the spot!), but my wallet was missing! I looked everywhere for it, and I mean EVERYWHERE!!!

Thus began the scramble to locate it. When that didn’t happen immediately, the panic set in! I looked all over the house first, then began to back track my steps, recalling that the last place I remember having the wallet was at the Starbucks. I called and called hoping they would report having it waiting for me, but they didn’t answer. So, I got back in an Uber to track it down. I arrived at Starbucks eager to retrieve my much needed wallet only to discover that, it’s not there! After a heartsick ride back home I arrived at my apartment with this Crazy Making Energy of frustration and fear, anxiety and feeling like I had just run a marathon and came in last place.

My home is my sanctuary, my safe place where it’s important to me to have peaceful energy. I was immediately aware that what I was feeling was anything but peaceful! I decided to ask myself what would I tell a client facing this predicament?

Until this point I was allowing the fear choose me, forgetting that I always have the ability to choose my reality! I needed to change my point of view!

I decided to choose FOR ME and not against me!

That’s it! I’m not doing this anymore! NO MORE CRAZY &*$#! I choose peace!

I began to use my Access Consciousness tools. I started to ask the questions, “What’s right about this -- I’m not getting”, “What else is possible”,How can this turn out better than I can imagine” and so on. This calmed my energy right away and cleared my head so I had the ability to ask the next question, “What can I do right now to change this?”

The answer seemed clear, call the bank and begin to find out what to do about the cards in my wallet, if in fact the wallet was lost in a public space. While I was on the phone explaining what had happened, the bank representative already began to cancel cards, even though I wasn’t ready to do so. Somewhere in my mind I knew it might not be necessary, however it was already done.

With that done, I was calmed that at least no harm could be done with my cards and I returned to focusing on my lovely weekend to come. I decided to finish my packing, moving through the drawers systematically collecting all that I might need, and in the first drawer that I opened… there was my lost wallet! Instead of starting a rant about how the cards were cancelled and that I would have to wait for new ones, I made the choice to not let anything interfere with my new sense of calm and peace. I went right into gratitude for finding it and in knowing that all was well.

I could have chosen to take the story with me throughout the weekend along with the frustration and fear, sharing it with anyone I that would listen. Instead, I chose to be in my favorite energy of playfulness, gratitude and the knowing that I can create change in minutes simply by choosing it!

Truly what can be more magical than that!? Knowing that I can create my own change by simply choosing and asking questions is the greatest power that there is and each of us has the possibility to use it like a magic wand.


How? The energy of feelings like frustration and fear actually hold you in the limiting circumstance. Asking the right question frees up the energy that you are holding to then create another possibility.

It’s like this, if your feet are stuck in mud how many steps does it take to set you free? Even one step is a step closer to being free from the mud. Asking that first question IS that first step in freeing yourself from any “muddy” situation.

Using questions to change your reality can be a playful game or even an art form both of which have the possibility of changing your life.

Want to know how to play the game or paint your first stroke? Let’s do it together! You can start with my book, WTFIT and begin creating with in the first chapter.

Want advanced lessons? Work with me directly by attending my workshops or work with me in a private recorded phone session creating the questions needed for your specific life!

Our work together will guide you to create a new way of showing up in your life in the most playful, magical and powerful way possible!

Do you want to know the best part? You will start to adore YOU!

And you will begin to know there is MORE that is possible!

What would it take to CHOOSE and enjoy the possibility?!


Barbra Gilman:The Quick Change Artist, shift your energy, change your life! Author of “Whatever the F*CK It Takes: Tools for Being the Most Powerful, Inconceivable and Magical YOU You Can Be, The Unofficial Guide for Living Successfully on Planet Earth”, and contributing Author to The Indigo Children Books Barbra a therapist/coach,

Founder of Success Strategies, a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator and developed Conscious Parenting for a New Paradigm.  Barbra served as the Director of Family Education for Neale Donald Walsch’s Heartlight Education. She has Keynoted many women’s organizations and hosted her radio show, Conscious Choices.

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