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"Bar none...I realize this is a curious way to begin a testimonial but given the process of Access Consciousness and 'running your bars,' I simply could not resist. I am  a practitioner in the field of Oriental Medicine for 22 years and I have experienced a fair amount of healing in both my patients and myself over the years and the healing process and tools that I experience through Barbra Gilman using Access Consciousness is simply none. I have not only felt shifts in my body and mind but the tools you quickly acquire during the process is nothing short of amazing.  As with most energy healing it's often difficult to quantify what or how one can experience change. But with the tools you learn I have had changes occur within seconds.  As you present your issues to Barbra she is extraordinary in her intuitive ability to understand what you need and begins immediately to facilitate the process to help you integrate and move towards what you really want in your life!!! Bar none. She is amazing in helping you identify where you are stuck and how to make the changes in your life quickly and at a very deep level.

​If you have not experienced a session with Barbra Gilman I strongly encourage you to do so and begin creating the life you were meant to have."

- Lisa Francolini  L.Ac., Owner RiverWest Acupuncture 

"Thank you so so so much, I felt a shift in my energy immediately and continue to feel it leaving my body each time I listen to your recordings. I've started to see many new possibilities in my life and generally just feel much lighter. After my bars session yesterday, I have never felt so much energy move before in my life. I listened to the clearning statements right after having the bars run and felt an increase even further in energy movement. I've also never felt like I had quite so much energy to move around (I walked over the brooklyn + manhattan bridges this morning instead of getting stressed out about not getting into my pilates class), and things seem to just be working a bit more easily. I've never felt such a sense of decreased pressure."

- Erica, NYC

"Access Consciousness is the rocket ship that will take you to your dreams if you are willing to receive and allow the unfoldment. Joyous fulfilled conscious engaged authentic people being who they really are and acting from that place will transform the Earth and life as we know it.  Sounds unbelievable.  This is my life, and this is just the beginning."

- Paula, NY

"That recording is worth its weight in gold.And it's like I have u with me all the time. I completely forgot how quickly u pick up the energy. You r so funny too. I laugh a lot during the replay. I've listened to it 100 times.  Im ready to move on to the next step I will be ready for my next session this week. I love you so much Barbra you are the nicest smartest most patient most understanding compassionate person I have ever known in my entire life!!!!"

- Vanessa, NY

Ten days ago, I had the opportunity to attend a presentation at our local library of Barbra Gilman’s take on what’s known as Access Consciousness. She is obviously a long-time student of this healing modality and has become an advanced teacher; and our experience as an audience was a shared delight. It prompted me to soon have an individual session with Barbra in her office where she “ran the bars” on my head for about 1 1/2 hours. The session was wonderfully relaxing at the time and highly diminished a rather low-grade anxiety that I typically function under; and even now, some many days later, that underlying anxiety appears completely gone. A few days after that session, Barbra and I had a follow-up telephone session that took the hands-on experience to another level as she provided me some of the energy changing and clearing protocols into the mix. 

I am a student and sometimes teacher/facilitator of Energy Psychology applications and I am absolutely delighted to have access to Barbra’s vast knowledge on this subject. To that end, I  am very much looking forward to attending one of the day-long workshops she offers."

- Grier Cundill, MA, DCEP, CADC III (retired), NCAC II (retired)

"Every time I talk with Barbra, it makes me happy, and through our conversations I find the possibilities  that I hadn't seen before. Thank you for showing me how to look at my greatness and that I am a bright shining light!!!

- Madeline NYC

"Barbra helped me shift my relationship with my husband. She taught me how to expand my consciousness which changed my point of view to allow for less judgement and more connection, appreciation, respect, commitment, and joy."

- Bridgette

​"Barbra offers such wisdom and insight. Her clear handling of the Access Consciousness work speaks of both great love for the people and the work she has chosen."

- Brett Hughs, NYC

"The Bars class and the Body class that Barbra put on were nothing short of magical. When I left, I felt more space than I have since I was a child."

- Lisette, Brooklyn, NY

"I love this Access Work with Barbra. Thank you is not enough!!" 

- Kathleen

"Working with Barbra Gilman helped my sales staff get refueled and brought a new passion and energy to their lives.  She taught them how to use specific techniques for turning negative self-talk into self-gratitude and the fear of being wrong into potency. They have never been more productive and happy."

- Sara Thompson, New York City

Barbra is a talented teacher and facilitator. And her greatest gift is that she is so fully herself that she gifts you back to yourself. I have made shifts in my life that a year ago would have seemed impossible; coming out of an illness and some deeply seated anger issues, greatly improving my outlook on life, and knowing that I have a choice in creating the course of my future.

Her depth and breadth of life experience make being with her an expansive, effortless, and joyous experience. I am grateful to have found Access through Barbra Gilman. Access works! 

Access is brilliant! Access is magic! Many paths promise many things and I have been involved in many of them. More change has occurred in my life in one year with Access than all the years combined using other techniques. If you actually do Access; get your bars run, take the classes and use the tools daily, your life will open in unimaginable ways. You will look back as I have done in awe and amazement.
I have had a physical therapy practice for the last 30 years, and in the last year have added Access processes. Patients report greater improvement, and deeper indescribable changes when I use clearing statements, bars, and body processes. These tools have meshed so beautifully with the myofascial and craniosacral techniques that I use, that they are now just part of what I do.
In a sea of promises, I hope you take this “E” ticket ride to your magical life. I’ll meet you there.

In Gratitude, 

Paula M, New York

"WOW! What an amazing Access Facilitator Barbra Gilman truly is!!!  I spoke to her many times on the phone before she arrived, and meeting her and taking her class was the most life-changing and awesome experience ever!  I love her NY accent!  She is fun, clear, very knowledgeable about Access Consciousness, has superb skills in answering questions and handling difficult situations, is supportive and just plain delightful and fun to be with!  I HIGHLY recommend her for all aspects of Access Consciousness Training!!!"  

- Dr. Jane H, Boston MA

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